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credit repairLate payments. Bad credit,   Bankruptcy, Repos,  Foreclosure,  We can help. Not credit repair, but a second chance, a NEW CREDIT FILE!

How to start a new credit file offers you the chance to enjoy clean credit once again! The very latest guide to creating a new credit file with a brand new number. Leave bad credit references to the past, and start a new life with new credit in a matter of WEEKS. This is not credit repair, but a totally new way to create a new credit file from scratch. IT CAN BE DONE! Full details guide you every step of the way, and explain exactly what you are doing and why. Don't wait YEARS for negative items to come off your credit report. This new method will have you back in the driver's seat with banks and credit card companies faster than you could have ever thought possible. All you need to know is spelled out in clear, detailed directions.

New Credit FileYOUR CREDIT FILE IS CAUSING MORE MISERY THAN YOU DESERVE! Well, now you can put all that behind you. You don't have to be a victim of the credit system any more! Even if you've filed for bankruptcy, you can have a new and clean credit file without waiting 7 to 10 years. It's true! And it's perfectly legal. In fact, IT'S YOUR RIGHT! Your new credit file won't show any of the "negative" credit history you currently have.

What's The Difference?

New fresh start from banfruptcyCredit Repair - This is best for folks with minor damage to their credit. Maybe a few late payments, nothing more. First thing you'll have to do is contact the credit bureaus and get a copy of your credit report. Then dispute the negative information. Even if it is accurate, you can still dispute it. It just means it might not come off. They have 30 days to investigate your dispute and get back to you. Information such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, and repos that are genuine are often not removable.  A complete credit repair manual is included with your order!
You will also receive a link that will allow you to get your credit report.

NEW CREDIT FILENew Credit File - A totally new approach. Best for folks whose file is loaded with negative information, or beyond repair. There are three ways to open a New Credit File, and all take considerably less effort than the method described above. Your new file is completely separate from your old one. This program is meant to give you a second chance, allowing you to start over from scratch. HOWEVER, that is also one down-side to opening a new credit file. It is empty. Start out small, a gas card or department store card. Eventually you build it up just like you did with your old file. Be smart, there are no third credit files.

Partial Contents Of The Manual

Get a second chance to build good credit Describes the three ways to get a second credit file, you choose which
      one is best for you.

Getting a new credit file is easy! All required forms, instructions for filling them out, and fax numbers
      where necessary.

Instructions on getting a new Social Security Number. Instructions on getting a NEW SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. It is a little
      bit tougher, but it can be done. Learn how.

Explination on how the credit bureaus identify you. Explanation on how the credit bureaus identify you. How do they know
      one John William from another? If you think they go just by your Social
      Security Number, think again. By knowing the secrets to how the     credit
      bureaus ID you, you can create a new file.

How to avoid merging your old file with your new file. How to avoid merging your old file with your new file.

Get credit with your new credit file Over 600 banks offering Unsecured Credit Cards GUARANTEED!

How Much Does It Cost?

The complete manual is just $34.95. This is less than a dinner for two at a nice restaurant. A fresh start with a clean credit file is worth it! ACT NOW and change your life for the better!

Think of it. What could a brand-new credit file do for you? And what would you give to get one? I'll tell you this: you don't have to pay anywhere close to the $2,000.00 most people have GLADLY paid for this information. That's because we can provide you with all the tools you need to start over - TODAY! 

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